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Power prices are unpredictable.
If only you could secure your own energy supply.
Enter solar power.
But going solar is complex and nobody's given you a plan.
Enter Carbon Recall® Kalispell.
We make solar easy.
Over the past 10 years, power outages and prices have been on a steady rise. And because your building uses a great deal of electricity, you’ve been the primary victim of these outages and price hikes. Fortunately, solar power is a more affordable source of energy, found in abundance throughout our community, and we’ve made going solar easier than ever.
Available solar grants & incentives for you.
Receive up to an 80% discount on your project today!
  • For small businesses in eligible rural areas.
  • Agricultural producers with 50% of gross income from agriculture.
  • Apply by March 31st to lock in the 50% Grant.
  • For both homeowners and businesses.
  • You must own your solar system to take advantage of the ITC
  • 2022 – 2032:  Eligible for a 30% credit.

Solar for Agriculture

Harvest the sun to cut your energy costs

Solar for Commercial

Solar for entrepreneurs, building owners, and more

Solar for Education

Open funding where it matters most in your district

Solar for Healthcare

Spend more on improving lives and less on electric bills
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