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Utility bills & power outages are on the rise.
If only you could secure your own energy supply.
Enter solar power.
But going solar is complex and nobody's given you a plan.
Enter Carbon Recall® Kalispell.
We make solar easy.
Now more than ever, it's good to have things you can depend on. Power for your home is one of them. So let's make sure your family is as safe and calm as ever — from dusk till dawn. And let's keep your lights on, food cold, and phones charged all year long with the power of the sun.

Power your home for less

carbon recall kalispell solar ground mount.jpg

Solar panels

Say goodbye to electric bills

Solar roof

Integrated solar energy roof tiles

Backup power

Protection against outages

Ductless mini-split AC

Customized comfort for every room

Electric vehicle charging

Charge your car faster at home
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