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Our energy services

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Solar powered. Nature inspired. We are a community of mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors who seek to make the places we live the way they should be — emissions free.

For home


For business

Rises early.

Saves daily.

Solar power your home, your way, for less.

Our solar services

Solar Montana_home rooftop solar panels.jpg

Solar Panels

Power your home with the sun
carbon recall solar roof.png

Solar Roof

Your all-in-one solar system

Backup Power

Never lose electricity again

Whole home energy efficiency

A short film about one homeowners choice to reduce their carbon footprint and the rewards found on the other side.

Our energy efficiency services

Carbon Recall_led.jpg

LED Lighting

Same light. Longer life
carbon recall_ev charging_02.jpg

EV Charging

Charge your car faster at home
Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 2.46.24 PM.png

Electric Panel

Smarter energy,
big savings
Carbon Recall backup power_03.jpg

Backup Generator

Protect what matters most

Geothermal HVAC

Savings you can feel
CR_tupelo water heating.jpg

Tankless Heating

Live cleaner and healthier
carbon recall_hybrid water heating.jpg

Hybrid heating

Save everyday.
carbon recall_mini split ac.jpg

Ductless mini-split

Customized comfort for every room

Let's turn your home into a total powerhouse.

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